Drs faq-

Q: What Is KPI?

Ans.: KPI stands for KALPATARU PARSHVAJIT INFOSERVE ; the parent FIRM company founded and proposed director Ms. Pooja D Karnawat(Jain ).

Q: Where is KPI based?

Ans.: KPI is registered as properitership  in Maharashtra state. It has its registered office  and has operational base in  Bhayander (E) of Thane district. 


Q: What is KPI’s vision and mission?

.Ans.: KPIs vision is to facilitate various world class health and wellness solutions to prospective consumers in India. Health care is first area of interest. More projects to follow in the next phase.  


Q: What is money4health?

Ans.: money4health is a brand name of the maiden venture of KPI dedicated to CASHBACK INDUSTRY in India, represented through its portal It is a non-statutory body.


Q: What is Has it been launched?

Ans.: is the domain (URL) name of the portal . It is officially launched.


Q: Is services officially operational?

Ans.: No.It is being pre-launched . Our IT team is working full swing to put all our state-of-the-art business solutions, products and services together online. We hope to complete as per the schedule and will be pleased to officially launch with a mega event very soon.


Q: What services money4health offers to medical service providers?

Ans.: m4h offers a wide range of services for the first time in India to medical service providers  right from individual web presence (your individual web site equivalent) ,sign /name boards, a wide range of online and offline digital payment options and importantly a brigade of well-informed m4h patients for treatment.


Q: Is affiliation / empanelment with m4h free?

Ans.: You can go for free trial plan .Its chargeable after that. contact franchise manager.



Q: What are the benefits of a  empanelment during pre-launch phase?

Ans.: Firstly, affiliation with us is affordable during pre-launch phase so you don’t lose a lot of  penny. In addition, we will be showcasing all our business solutions one by one in a phased manner with which you can benefit immensely. All in all, you have a wonderful opportunity to be the beneficiary of our brand-building exercise including possibly a number of walk-in informed m4h customers.  You Will among those founder members who will draw benefits in future .All medical service  who join before ____date  are patrons, with many hidden benefits .




Q: If not officially launched, why do you want us to get affiliated / empanelled right now?

Ans.: We will officially launch only when all our planned business solutions, offing’s and features are fully tested and smoothly functional. However, in order to test all our services real time we need actual service providers. Hence we have pre-launched in bhyander (west) and are listing you . Once our model is fully functional we will launch it officially pan India through a mega very soon.


Q: Why will you charge after official launch? Can we not continue for free?

Ans.: We wish we could. But we can’t offer you free service. KPI is an ambitious commercial enterprise and we need to invest huge monies to build our brand identity and make our business model work legally, ethically and sustainably on a long term basis. Our charges are reasonable which will ensure a win-win equation for a long term mutual benefit.


Q: How will you generate new patients for empanelled medical service providers?

Ans.: At m4h we have already invested huge resources for an effective mechanism to generate new patients .thumb rule of system is patient need to redeem money only against medical services.concession vouchers which are supported by you will help us to deliver.additional activity through mass awareness campaigns and patient education on a massive scale through innumerable promotional activities and innovative methods. It is our job. We will deliver.


Q: What are the charges for continuing or fresh affiliation after official launch?

Ans.: Post official launch, you pay a highly subsidized service charge under following –



3-hosting fees of

St applicable-

We promise to deliver much more value than what you will actually pay..


Q: Are there any other charges apart from above mentioned-?

Ans.: no. feel free to contact franchise manager.


Q: How do I identify if a particular patient is send by m4h ?

Ans.: All m4h patients have to compulsorily register on our portal for free and we shall assign them a unique Tracking Number.(Remember you can also ask them to register at your clinic ) They will mention their reg mobile Number whenever they visit your clinic, using which you will be able to create their bill and cashback will be credited to their ac.


 Q: How would a m4h patient get to know about my clinic?

Ans.: Once you are affiliated / empanelled with us, you will have your own comprehensive web presence with us. All our registered users will be able to search their nearest clinic and select the best option based on the information provided by you online. Your support So, better the web presence higher is the number of new patients. Better the treatment, higher amount of retention ratio.  


Q: Can I use your services for my own or direct (existing or new) patients?  

Ans.: Yes. Its always advisable to offer it to your patients also as they will be beniffeted and so will be you in long run.


Q: What if we have more than one clinic? 

Ans.: You can subscribe as many as clinics owned by you,


Q: What kind of set up do I require in my clinic?

Ans.: You need to have a computer, laptop or mobile with Internet connection.


Q: with your affiliation, will I lose my identity, freedom and privacy of my clinic?

Ans.: No way! As an affiliated clinic of m4h  you will in no way lose your identity, freedom or privacy as you will be your own boss and your clinic will continue to function as before, except that you will now be treating more patients through our system as we will keep sending new patients to you.


Q: Can I charge my own treatment rates or does m4h recommend a treatment price chart?

Ans.: No. m4h  does not recommend any rate chart for treatment carried out by you in your own clinic. Once you affiliate with us, you are 100% free to charge as per your discretion not only to your existing and direct patients but also to the patients sent by m4h.


Q: On What kind of payment options do I need to pay pf?

Ans.: pf is valid the moment you create a duplicate bill in the system on all forms of payment. as rule patient gets cashback on payment done .


Q: How would you do payment reconciliation?

Ans.: payment done by wallet is credited to your ac.while all other forms of payment is collected by you.reconcillation is done based on bill raised in the system.. All invoicing and payment collection is fully automated and accurate reconciliation will be done as soon as the payment is realized. However auto settlement will be done in first week of next month and money will be credited to your bank ac.     


Q:  TDS or service tax is it applicable?

Ans.:  TDS is Not applicable. You can’t avoid service tax.kpi follows every law of the land and paying  service tax is compulsory. We are committed to pay what is due to be paid to the government.


Q: How can I avoid paying higher income tax since I may receive non-cash payments?

Ans.: Don’t count your chicken before they hatch. Try to get into a situation where you pay as high income tax as possible which only means that you have a flourishing practice. Higher the taxes you pay, higher is your participation in nation building. Let’s shun our cynicism and lethargy.   


Q: Will I get a receipt or statement of my treatment turnover?

Ans.: Yes. All your transactions will be available online with real time status across all modes of payment including cash and you can print or email an invoice and take daily, weekly statements. 


 Q: Will KPI audit its books of accounts?

Ans.: Yes, KPI will audit as per The Company’s Act 1956. Doctors are liable to pay their individual income tax. 


Q: Who will access patient’s billing invoice page?

Ans.: Doctor himself can create additional login for self, receptionist / support staff of the clinic.


  1. What if I do not get new patients from KPI at all?

Ans.: It is highly unlikely. However, our focus is not to collect monthly charges  but to empower them with new patients and enter into a long term win-win relationship.keep patience it will work for you as well.


Q: What if I have any legal issues? Will KPI assist us?

Ans.: Yes. Any legal issues related to KPI patients can be informed to us. Our team of legal experts will guide you from a case to case basis.


  1. What if I fail to impart quality treatment?

Ans.: We do not foresee such hypothetical scenario as we have confidence in your ability to treat successfully. However, in such an event service provider will be liable to find an amicable settlement amount with the patient, which will be refunded by the service provider. In case dispute is not sorted out, KPI will intervene and its decision will be binding on the BOTH PARTIES. 


Q: Can I also empanel my clinic with any other similar company in future?

Ans.: No. This is not allowed. We want you to grow with to greater heights.