Cash in Wallet(pt)-

  1. What is money 4 health(m4h)?

Ans: m4h is India's most convenient and secure digital cash back  wallet for shopping across offline and online empanel stores  and medical service providers.

  1. How does m4h work?

Ans: m4h is just like ready to use cash. All you have to do is register & start using it. Simply we add some money on all your payments and get going.

  1. How can I register with m4h?

Ans: You just have to visit www.money4health.com. Next, add the basic registration details and create a password. The registration is absolutely free.

  1. What is the cash back offer?

Ans: You can avail the min assured loyalty cashback (**under loyalty program) by shopping over all affiliated shops ,stores ,restaurants ,medical service providers etc across year.

  1. What is sign up offer?

Ans-You get Sign up Rs 2000 for free treatment to redeem across the empanelled medical service providers. Sign up Cash in m4h Wallet will be given at time of sign up and each time when u do renewal by paying renewal fees which is auto debited.


  1. How to use sign up money.

Ans-Its auto uploaded process. distribution is in following ways-


  • Rs 1000-multi specality hospital(valid only during hospitalization)
    • (valid for 2 hospitals -max rs 500 per hospital)
  • 1500-dr(max rs 150 per dr)in a yr for 10 drs
  • Rs 100-primary healthcare (max rs 50 per gp)in a yr for 2 gps.
  • Rs 50-pharmacy(max rs 25 per )in a yr for 2 pharmacist.
  • Rs 100-diagnostic(max rs 100per )in a yr for 2 .
  • Rs 200-dr(dentist) (max rs 100per )in a yr for 2 .
  • Rs 50-vetrinary.
  • Rs 500 speciality services(max rs 100per )in a yr for 5


  1. How can I get cash in m4h Wallet?


Following are the ways to avail the cash in wallet:-

  • 3% at empanlled medical service provider.
  • 3% loyalty cashback on every payment offline .
  • Cashback from ecomm stores.
  • Cashback from donation received.
  1. What are all sources of cash back on site-
  2. Sign up
  3. Renewal
  • On receiving donation
  1. On ecom purchase
  2. On medicines purchase
  3. On hospital bills
  • On drs fees
  • On cashless mediclaim
  1. At restaurants
  2. Affiliated Offline stores
  3. On dental treatment
  • At all affiliated or empanel offline stores.
  • .......many more in near future.
  1. What is the minimum transaction required for this offer?

Ans: Cash in m4h Wallet can be availed by shopping over Rs. 5 in a single bill.***it is based on merchants.

  1. I am not an existing m4h wallet customer. Will I be eligible for this offer?

Ans: You are eligible as long as you have made a  registration.

  1. I have registered for this offer. From when will get the credit from merchants or medical sercie providers ?

Ans: You will receive the cash in your m4h wallet as soon the merchants/medical service providers  enter the billing details to the syestem.in case of ecomm purchases it will take cycle of 30 -60 working days.

  1. Is there any validity of Cash in m4hWallet?

Ans: no

  1. How many times can I avail this offer?

Ans: This offer can be availed every time you pay at empanelled outlet.

  1. Is there any minimum transaction to redeem the Cash received in m4h Wallet?

Ans: No, There is no minimum transaction required to redeem Cash received in m4h Wallet.

  1. what is min cashback applicable at stores -

Ans:3% of billing amt ,subject to you do min billing as per as recommendation of the merchants .

  1. .in case of medical service provider show gives cashback.

Ans-all loyalty cashback money  are given by co only.

  1. Where can I redeem this cash?

Ans: You can redeem the cash at all empanlled service provider.

  1. How to Pay using m4h at the store?
  2. Ans:
  • Please complete the shopping at the store.
  • Visit the Cash Counter to make the payment
  • Please inform the medical service provider the amount that you would like to pay through m4h.
  • Please give the cashier your registered number
  • Please ask cashier the enter amount you would like to pay from m4h wallet.
  • Share the OTP with the cashier
  • Transaction is complete
  1. Is this offer available in non emmpalled stores also?

Ans: No, This offer is applicable in empanelled outlets.


  1. I have provided an incorrect number by mistakenly, Can I transfer the credit in the correct


Ans: every mobile no is linked with addhar no. Once the billing is settled, the Cash in m4h Wallet will be credit only on the number given at the time of billing and cannot be transferred to any other wallet.hr you can login ad donate the same money to any1 in need. or u can change the mobile no by login .

  1. I have forgotten the give my reg mobile number, I want the Cash in m4h Wallet to be donated to other user.

Ans: It is mandatory to provide the mobile in order to complete the donation process. Hence, if you have forgotten to give the number, you will need to go to login page and look for forget password . In case of discrepancy, please contact the local franchise officer.


  1. Will customer get the m4h Wallet if the bill paid using Credit Note,cash,paytm,upi,card payment ,cashless mediclaim etc.?

Ans:you can pay merchants /medical service provider in any form .only you need to ensure that a duplicate bill is made through the syestem by reciver , to receive cashback 

  1. Whom can I contact incase the cash has not been added to my Future Pay account post 1st Feb?

Ans: You can call on the fr officer of the area assigned . or email us on

admin@money4health.com. You  need to keep  the billing details  in case of verification.


  1. What is this Special cash back Voucher

Ans: This are special additional vouchers made by stores which can be availed by shopping at their stores..

  1. How can I get this voucher?

Ans: To avail cash back vouchers you need to visit the site www.money4health.com and select the vouchers as per your needs and requirements,on selecting you get a otp which has to be submitted to to avail benefits

  1. Is there any terms and conditions to avail the cashback Voucher?

Ans: Yes, you need to shop according to offer made by stores.

  1. From where can I get this Special treatment concession Voucher?

Ans: You will get this by visiting the site

  1. What is validity of the Voucher?and what if losse the otp.

Ans: The  Voucher is validity is mentioned on each voucher.voucher details along with opt is there in your login inbox.you can take it from there.


  1. Where can I redeem the Special concession Voucher?

Ans: You can redeem the Special concession Voucher along the medical service providers who support them.

  1. What is the benefit of the Special concession Voucher?and what abt cash back-

Ans: You will get a discount as mentioned on the Special concession  Voucher on using at  medical services centre.loyalty cash back is always there on what amount you pay to the service provider.

  1. explain the above with an example-

Ans-All steps are done by cashier –you only need to submit reg mobile no.



Condition 1-applicable in case of medical service provider.


  1. enter p reg mob no [ 9985456322]
  2. enter bill amount –5000
  3. paid FROM sign ac -Rs.100 (auto updated if applicable)
  4. condition--only once in yr for DR(b2b) partner &  if facility is already used by pt  it will DISPLAYmoney  already used pls select another medical service provider to avail sign up benefits.
  5. paid from cash back ac =1500 ** (auto uploaded as outstanding bal )(**-it can be changed if user wants)
  6. payable money (3400)=5000-100-1500(auto updated)
  7. concession code applicable-yes
  8. If yes Enter code (21364rt) =1000   (based on payable amt concession amount is auto calculated & auto updated),
  9. if no [d]=0.
  10. If incorrect it will display invalid.
  11. balance money to be paid -2400=3400-1000  auto displayed
  12. cash back 3% of 2400=72.
    1. on doing this sms is to reg mobile no –a.otp no. b .available bal in their ac.c.bill amt.
  13. enter otp.
  14. billing completed.



                       Condition 2 –applicable in case of offline merchants-

  1. eg-
  2. Enter pt mobile no-5866369423
  3. Bill Amount Paid =rs.500 [if it is below min amt,it will not accept.]
  4. code applicable-yes
  5. If yes Enter code { yy2378 } =[100] (amt is auto calculated based on code & is directly related to bill amount. based on % or flat rs the amount is auto     calculated on billing & displayed here)
  6. If code in enter incorrect it will display invalid code


Condt 1-final bill amount { b }=500 (in case of cash back code not applicable)     or

condt 2-final bill amount { 400 }=500-100 (in case of discount code)      or

condt 3-final bill amount (500)=500 (in case of daily deal code-bill amt paid is not applicable)                


  1. How do I redeem the Special concession Voucher?

Ans: explaind above

  1. I have misplaced the Special concession Voucher otp , can I get a new one?

Ans: yes,pls login and check inbox.



  1. How do I get cash back and when do I get cash back.

Ans-you get ash back the moment duplicate invoice is made .in case of offline transaction (merchants as well medical service providers) it is immediate ,for online it takes 30 tp 60 working days.

  1. Will I get cash back even without coupouns


  1. Can I transfer money to my bank ac.


  1. What will be fees when I donate to some one.

Ans-its free.

  1. Where can I redeem the money.

Ans-at empanelled medical service providers.

  1. Can I with draw the money.

Ans- no

  1. Is there any geographical restriction to redeem the money.


  1. What should I do to get cashback at offline store.

Ans--ensure you give correct mobile no and duplicate invoice is made at store.

  1. Do I get concession /discount if do use the membership id given by co.


  1. What I need to submit to awail cashback .

Ans-your reg mobile no

  1. DO I nneed to be tech savy to use your services.

Ans-no.what you only need is mobile with no and correct adhar details.


  1. What if dr is not offering concession,do I still get cash back.

Ans-cash is availed on everything you pay subject to it should be recored in system.it is paid by co and not by dr.

  1. Do I need to visit site again and again to get benefits.

Ans –no.

  1. Why adharr is made mandatory to redeem money.

Ans-it to ensure each one gets equal benefits .

  1. Is my adhar details are linked with main server of govt.

Ans- no

  1. how do I find empanel storees,dr,or other service providers.

Ans-check site or look for sign boards .

  1. Do u suggest us any dr or guarantee any treatment.

Ans-no .

  1. Is it ethical for dr to promote their services thr coupouns .

Ans-the treatment are promoted by.drs just support concession offered by co.to benefit the members.

  1. Do I need to print coupouns.


  1. what is renewal fees and are there any benefits-

Ans-it is rs 100 pa +st.it is auto debited from your cash back ac in last month of current yr or whenever available after that.on each renewal you get free treatmet worth rs 2000 as you get at time of signing.

  1. is money from sign up ac carry fwd to next yr-

Ans-yes .it is added in respective category.

  1. can I donate sign up money-

Ans –no.

  1. then which money can I donate-

Ans:you can donate from cash back ac.

  1. what is procedure if I want to discountinue the services-

Ans:you can request co to block the ac.all your transaction will be freezed within 30 days.note you cant withdraw any money from ac.and on resuming the services all you past available  money is deleted from cash back ac.

  1. Can I select the coupouns .store it and use it later.


  1. Do I need to pay any charged on redemption of coupouns.


  1. Can I transfer the coupouns or concession vouchers-


  1. Do I get cash back and discount both.


  1. . how do I ensure I get cash back.

ans-check for transactional sms after each payment.


  1. If Cashier entered incorrect mobile number,how do i come to know.


Ans:every time bill is made a transactional sms is send to entered mobile no.

       66.why are you taking our adhar details-

               Ans-this just to ensure that signup benefits are passed twice to same individual.

67.is my addhar details linked with govt database-

        Ans- no.since we are not taking any finger authentication we ware not connectewith govt servers or database.